Being literate? What does it mean to you?

Source The concept of “being literate” today has a bit of a different definition as time goes on. During my exploration of a definition of literacy, much to the same findings as Catherine, I also came across a few different definitions that focus on a socially constructed viewpoint on literacy. "Literacy is a social construction, … Continue reading Being literate? What does it mean to you?

DigCit State of Mind

Are you guilty of saying some of these things or have heard colleagues mutter these? "I'm not a computer person." "It's easier to just not use technology at all." "These kids don't know how to act when they go online.  They are always off task." "I'll show that #digcit video on Friday if I have … Continue reading DigCit State of Mind

Hello, again!

This semester marks the downhill portion towards completing my master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction, and I am stoked about this! Raise the roof! I have been teaching for 15 years, which is insane to think about. I started in grade 7/8/9 in rural Saskatchewan in my first year and was fortunate enough to get … Continue reading Hello, again!