Well, that’s a wrap!

Thanks for following! MAJOR PROJECT PROPOSAL To write a summary for my major project, I started to read through all of my posts. I found it interesting that within the first couple of paragraphs into my first entry, I had stated in my initial proposal, "I could learn more about digital identity and citizenship alongside … Continue reading Well, that’s a wrap!

Digital Dialogue

It has been a while (almost a month) since I last posted about my major project. There are a couple of reasons for this (in order): #1 - unsure of what direction to go next with my project#2 - lack of interest/participants for my new direction (I'll explain more below), so I left the window … Continue reading Digital Dialogue

Hard to Tell

This week,  I addressed the idea of digital etiquette.  I did this by searching and eventually finding a resource on BrainPop, a common online resource used in both primary and middle years.  They have a great section dedicated to Digital Citizenship, accessible without a subscription.  I encourage you to take a look and see if … Continue reading Hard to Tell