Summary of Learning

For our summary of learning, Allison and I teamed up to tackle this assignment. I am lucky enough to have taught with Allison as well as take my Inclusive Education Certificate as well as most of our grad classes together over the last 5 years. Therefore, whenever we get the chance to do an assignment … Continue reading Summary of Learning

Social Activism

As someone who has never been an active online citizen, I don't have much experience in online social activism. Even offline, I take the part more as a personally responsible citizen versus a participatory citizen or justice-oriented citizen (Joel Westheimer, 2015). Therefore, I did some more research after our discussion about it a couple of … Continue reading Social Activism

Relationships are difficult

Relationships can be difficult whether they are chosen, happen naturally, or are involuntary decided due to the nature of a situation. A relationship is defined as the way in which two concepts, objects, or people are connected. It requires contributions from both parties to build a bond that demonstrates commitment, understanding, and respect. This is … Continue reading Relationships are difficult