The end is near…wait, what? It’s here?

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What a journey it has been over the last five years while first completing my Inclusive Education Certificate and then taking the plunge to complete my master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  Although it has been a long one, this endeavour has been such a rewarding experience for which I have not only learned how to become a better educator, but I have learned a lot about myself.  In addition to these learning experiences, I have met and connected with a plethora of other educators and professors that have positively impacted my world.  To you, I thank you!

As for my summary of learning of my last class,  I have partnered up with a good friend and colleague (again!) to put together a visual collage, an audio smash-up, and a historical musical journey to capture our learnings from this semester.

I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you to you, Alec, for being a foundational instructor through my master’s journey for which I enjoyed taking four classes.  I appreciate the freedom you gave us to explore new things, take risks with new tools, adventure into our own self and reflect on who we are while connecting it to the engaging topics of discussion.  You build an immense sense of community that goes far beyond our class cohort and connected us to theories, pedagogies, and practices that will continue to influence and impact the way that I work with students and their families along with my own colleagues.

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5 thoughts on “The end is near…wait, what? It’s here?

  1. Hey Daina! This is such a cool project!! This must have taken a lot of work between you and Allison to get right. I loved the picture collage and the commercials as well. Such a neat idea to do a mash-up of all the presentations and the connections to the learning theories, slowly making your way through to connectivism. Well done! It’s really neat to see everything we learned compiled so concisely and using actual audio clips from the presentations this semester! What did you use to create the video? Also congratulations on completing your degree! It was great working with you this semester and good luck in the future! Keep in touch! 🙂


    • Thanks! The project was fun to create. We used WeVideo to compile it all. We just uploaded the picture files, I used to clip the video files from YouTube and uploaded them, and then we used our phones’ voice recorders to get the audio clips from the class presentations and uploaded those. WeVideo has been my go-to for most, if not all, of my presentations in my graduate classes.
      Likewise, it was great working with you, too! All the best to you!

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  2. Great summary (made me fee like I’m getting old tho ;-)). I enjoyed being on this journey with you and learned a lot from you. I hope to stay in touch and continue to learn and share with each other. Agree that there was a great sense of community in this class and it was a great representation of connectivism


  3. Daina and Allison,

    This is such a cool Summary of Learning! I love the audio mash-ups from the different presentations this semester. This must have taken a lot of planning and organizing. Well done!

    I appreciate your different approach to this project by showing the evolution of technology by “walking your viewers down memory lane.” I also wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the tool, Flippity! My students love it and it has come in handy moving to remote learning temporarily!

    Congratulations on being DONE! All the best to you!


  4. Yay!!! We are done! Although I am happy to be done, I am also a little sad that we have no projects to work on together (at least for now). Thanks for being such a great class buddy. You were always able to take some of my crazy thoughts and make sense of them and always pushed me to do better, even if you didn’t know that at the time. Congrats!


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